What do you need to know when moving to LA?

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Moving to LA? First, you'll need a job. Send out CVs and resumes to companies you are interested in working for. Get as many interviews as you can over the internet and phone. Set them up for two days after you arrive to allow time to get settled and get to know your way around.

For accommodation, the best option is to have a long list of apartments to look at when you arrive. A cheap place to stay while you are apartment hunting are youth hostels. Be careful which you choose. Choose a hostel near the location where you are looking for permanent accommodation. I recommend you chose a youth hostel that can keep your belongings in a locked storage. If you can afford it then stay in a private room.

When moving to LA (or any city, really) do your research first. Find out the safest places to stay and live. My recommendation is to stay away from downtown Los Angeles. If you have a car then your options are better. However driving in rush hour traffic is horrendous like any big city, so if you can live near where you work that is the best option.

Where to eat in LA. I would suggest find good grocery store near you and eat at home. Eating in restaurants can be expensive. However, there a lot of fast food places you can eat cheap but not very healthy to do everyday. I loved Trader Joe's for grocery shopping. They have unique items that are cheap and healthy.

Where to exercise in Los Angeles? I prefer the outdoors to a gym. I loved to hike in Runyon Canyon Park. There is a fabulous view of Los Angeles on the top of the hill. When it isn't a smoggy day you can see the ocean. There are other great places to hike in LA if you want to stay fit and meet people who are into fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

For any information you may need go to the local visitor information centers. They have been helpful to me in every city I have visited all over the world. The library is also a great place to learn anything you need about the city.

Los Angeles is not Hollywood. There are dangerous areas you must avoid. Hollywood Boulevard is better now, but stay west of of Fairfax. Use your common sense and do not go out at night to areas you have not explored during the day. Go to high rated youth hostels and chat with the receptionists and staff. They are usually friendly and helpful. They will help give a bountiful of useful information that will help you get to know the real Los Angeles.

Be smart, attentive and use common sense. Don't carry a lot of cash with you and look like a local person when exploring the city. There are many beautiful places to see, and experience. It is a multicultural city with many different social statuses moving around in the same areas.

You will see poverty, insanity, people with substance addiction, and the rich and famous. If you want to see celebrities hang around Hollywood boulevard by the Kodac Building and the Chinese Theatre. There are always red carpet premieres happening.

I finish by wishing you good luck and prosperity in your Los Angeles adventure.

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