What are the best things to do in Los Angeles while on Vacation?

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Los Angeles is an amazing city that offers many different activities for those visiting. Famous for its movie stars coming out of Hollywood, Los Angeles also offers amazing nature hikes, trips to the beach, historical landmarks, and different cultural city centers. Trying to do everything in Los Angeles could takes weeks.

To preface, many things in Los Angeles are spread out, so many activities will be easier to do with access to a car. Those new to Los Angeles can take a trip down to Hollywood and stroll down the famous Walk of Fame. Keeping your eyes on the ground, you will see thousands of entertainment moguls past and present who have a star. For extra fun, keep your eyes peeled for people who have dressed up in costumes of your favorite characters from movies. Tourists also love to visit Grauman's Chinese Theatre where hundreds of movie stars have left hand prints in the cement.

Those who love to shop can drive a few miles south to Santa Monica and check out the 3rd Street Promenade, where there are hundreds of shops to occupy you for hours. After that, you can go to the nearby Santa Monica Pier, famous for its boardwalk and mini theme park over the water. Los Angeles is known for its beaches and make sure to check them out. Those with a car can cruise down Pacific Coast Highway with the ocean to their side and check out the local beach towns. And, lastly, make sure to check out Venice Beach Boardwalk up the road from Santa Monica. Not everyone is keen on the counter culture of the locals there, but there are hundreds of interesting shops and it is an experience that you have to see to believe.

Experiencing the landscapes of the city is an amazing experience. The Santa Monica Mountains surrounding Los Angeles offer various hikes that give full views of the city. Those who know the iconic Hollywood sign can hike up to the top of that mountain which offers full panoramic views of both downtown Los Angeles and the surrounding San Fernando Valley. Or, head over to Pasadena for a hike through Eaton Canyon Park, which ends up at a luscious waterfall.

Those who are into museums can check out the Getty Villa near Bel Air, which includes centuries of old art and sculptures and offers enough to spend days there. Or, check out the Miracle Mile in the Wilshire District, which includes many old theaters, the La Brea Tar Pits, and upwards of five different museums.

These are all activities that you can do during the day, but what things to do in Los Angeles take place at night? The clubs on Sunset boulevard are famous, as are some of the music venues in Hollywood. The Palladium and Hollywood Bowl are venues where big music events take place weekly. Those not into the clubbing or music scene can head down to downtown where L.A Live offers hangout spots and many restaurants to grab a bite to eat. Or, you can go to nearby Staples Center to watch either the Lakers or Clippers play basketball. A few miles away is iconic Dodger Stadium as well, with many local bars nearby, each with their own flavor. Downtown also has Korea town and Chinatown which offer delicious food from their respective cultures.

These are only a few of the many things to do in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, there are almost no limits to what you can do; you just have to be willing to get up and out there.

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