What to do on Weekend Getaways in Southern California?

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The first priority in enjoying fabulous weekend getaways in Southern California is finding a beautifully designed, fully equipped, conveniently located rental house or bungalow. The typical Southern California weekend rental is known for having every possible amenity needed for a few day’s escape. The added convenience of packing light is a great option providing more time for focus on summertime fun.

Typical Californian vacation rentals are known for including common amenities such as bikes, patios with outdoor grills and sumptuous outdoor furniture, incredible sound systems and flat screen TV’s, sporting equipment for locally available activities, and luxurious bedding. There’s no need to be concerned about elegant sets of glassware, cooking utensils and high-end cookware, cupboards are fully stocked with every conceivable gadget.

What makes the weekend getaways in Southern California different from other vacationing areas is the relaxed atmospheres their residences by the beach have. Weekenders are searching for a place to relax, let go, and just feel the sun and fun surrounding them. They want a no-hassles, no drama, guaranteed all smiles experience. What magical steps must be taken to transition from the fast-paced, busy treadmill of work and responsibility into the hot tub and spa weekend getaway?

It’s an easy transition, actually:

     Call a reputable real estate agent at any Southern California coastal weekend rental agency.

     Reserve airline or metro-rail tickets for your weekend of choice.

     Pack bathing suits, sandals, hair care and sunscreen, jeans & T-shirts.

     Check if your rental includes bikes, or get a rental car.

     Many places are pet friendly, or get a pet-sitter.

     Print out a MapQuest of the weekend rental cottage location.

Depending on personal preferences, the choices range from private and secluded beach resorts like Venice Beach, to nearby high-energy cities like Los Angeles. Californian beach towns and cities alike have notable nightlife and trending entertainment for exciting social interactions, live music from recognized entertainers, famous comedians and even well-run, local casinos.

Daytime adventures can include high-level physical activities like ocean parasailing, deep sea fishing and diving with dolphins. Gondolas will climb from the high-heat swimming resorts of Palm Springs to nearby pine tree covered mountain peaks with mule pack rides and cool picnic areas. The high-end, top designer clearing house shopping centers in this area will please the savviest of “shop-a-holics”.

Wine-tasting tours, celebrity mansion tours and day trips to Universal Studios are just a “touch” on the endless entertainment industry adventures to be had. Glendale, CA, located just 30-minutes north of Los Angeles has custom VIP helicopter tours that step far beyond the stretch-limousine impact of sight-seeing experiences.

Busy professional couples from all over the country find they often need more than a two or three-week vacation from their demanding work schedules. A perfect extension is this weekend getaway solution. Not only for the light-packing advantages, but because these weekend vacation rentals are located everywhere, up and down the Californian coastline. Weekenders find themselves in the center of romance, outdoor sporting, and world-class cuisine just walking or biking distance from their select accommodations.

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